Enrollment Procedure:

Step I Review and acknowledge the following documents: 1) the Agreement of Use, 2) Private Policy for our website usage and the Grant Award Agreement. To enroll you must agree to all terms & conditions, thereof.  

Step II Determine the amount you wish to contribute. Review the estimated Investment Participation Level, for the amount you want to contribute. The actual Investment Participation Level will be determined based on the last day the formation listing expires and/or when the target amount of grant is reached.

Step III Click here to make your selection:

Step IV - Register and enter the amount in U.S. Dollars, you wish to contribute:

To select more than one project, repeat step I thru IV for each project you want to contribute or donate too. When you select more than one project, remember that each project you select is separate; therefore the total amounts for all projects are not combined when determining your Investment Participation Level for mailing notifications. Each participation level in a project is calculated separately from another project throughout the campaign. Likewise, you may add to your contribution at any time throughout the campaign.

Complete the Enrollment Application

Enrollment to maintain your free membership after one year, you must be a participant, in an active campaign either as a Donor Contributor, Crowdfunding Donor, Private Investor or Group Investor.

Special notice:

Once, you have enrolled and your payment is received, you will be sent your own member login and password to your membership suite, after the funds have cleared.

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