Business Investment Project - (15 cities)

Early Franchise Exchange - City Branches

The Early Franchise Exchange is a branch of the Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange located in an enrolled city. These branches are being established in cities to connect small & medium size enterprises to a new breed of early stage investors. In each city the exchange will be located in a Private Equity Capital Center. These centers include shared office spaces for independent & major services and other affiliates of the Early Franchise Exchange.

Early franchise exchanges include  private companies such as  equity & venture capital sourcebanks, formation and development incubators, a franchise incubator accelerator, Franchise Stock Exchange, Equity Stake Exchange, and equity & venture capital mangers that work directly with clients in all exchanges. Some, of these exchanges are managed by global cities management partnerships and are privately owned. The Equity Capital Manager (ECM) and the Venture Capital Manager (VCM) are attached to branches as independent service providers and are trained directly by the Equity Capital Management Association ECMA). Concept Starter Enterprises include a business formation incubator that build business formation projects form the embryonic stage of a new idea to a Formation Business Model. Likewise; there is a Business Model Plan software writing platform that attached directly to the Dot-Com Business Incubator. It's used by new entrepreneurs and existing business owners that's seeking equity and venture capital.

Concept Starter Webchannel


Concept building draft in 2014 , the actual building may differ in each city. 


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