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Business  Model Plan  Writers  &  Consultants  are needed for our software writing platform to assist small & medium enterprise owners that are seeking equity and venture capital. Business Model Plans are used  by  both private investors and business owners. In this new
investment era between 30% to 40% of all new business startups will use some form of Concept Funding which is an alternative funding source to debt financing. Business Model Plan  Writing  is the hottest new secondary career  field in the private equity industry. Acceptable candidates need experience in business plan writing or small business consulting.
This could be your niche in the era of the Billion Dollar Startup.


Business Developer

The Independent Business Developer (IBD) is a Business Model Plan Team Leader, that oversee the business writing process from beginning to certification. Business developers are allowed to use our software writing platform  to assist small & medium enterprise owners seeking equity and  venture  capital. There  will  be  an  estimated  51 million
non-accredited investors eligible to enter the private equity market over the next few months, after the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC)  issue  its  final  ruling.  Our Business Model Plans are used by both private investors and business owners.  Business  Model  Plan Writing  is  one of the hottest  new  career fields  in  the private equity


Qualified individuals must have a strong background in providing assistance to entrepreneurs, once certified they are attached to business development incubators where they assist in development, building and certifying business models and franchises. These professionals may also be eligible to join our Business Development Teams and provide Business Model Plan writing assistance to subscribers in their area.

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