Business Investment Project

(15 Major U.S. Cities)


A Global Cities Project is built in a city with private sector business infrastructure that can accommodate early stage investments and international trade. After, 2030, there will be 5 billion people living in urban areas around the world; this can be viewed as a problem or an opportunity.


Today, when you buy a stake in a Global Cities Project you are participating in a major shift in population, as an investment opportunity. Governments don’t get involved in private equity investing. Therefore, business owners, new entrepreneurs and private investors living in these cities will have to establish and manage their own business and trading activities. By investing in Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), including investment access branches; this SMEs alternative investment market will bring about an innovative trader’s network for importers & exporters.


A Global Cities Project includes an Alternative Investment Exchange, plus a new Innovative Trading System for selected cities. Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Investment Exchanges are being attached to the largest public stock exchanges: in London England, Tokyo, Japan, Mumbai, India, Johannesburg, South Africa, Shanghai, China and many other cities.



for the Business Investment Project

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