Business Formation Projects

Business Formation Projects

ConceptStarter.Net is an advance concept funding platform that uses business formation grants and crowd funding donations as seed capital to fund business formation projects in the embryonic stage of new ideas. These grants are given to specific ventures in exchange for an Investment Participate Level (IPL) with the option to buy an equity share, if and when the business owner is ready to accept equity capital. 

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business model plan software

The Business Model Plan is an essential document for new entrepreneurs and existing business owners that are seeking equity and/or venture capital. A Business Model Plan is a detail documents that maybe used by both Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as non-accredited investors that are new to private equity investing. 

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TrainFran Education - is a new business teaching support program that has taken on the challenge of training a new bread of teaching and speaking professionals. A great future await those that become certified speakers and teachers in the new Entrepreneurial Focused Education and Training Field. Elite colleges and universities have made the commitment to provide entrepreneurial focused education and training to students with high Entrepreneurship IQs.

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Entrepreneurial Focused Education & Training Program.   

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Talent & Casting Agency

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A franchise territory may be as small as a city or as large as a state. These territories are the future home of Teeth by Tomorrow and 24hrs Dental Lab franchise business models. Teeth by Tomorrow and the 24hrs Dental Lab referral services are attached to a major part of the DentalFran Healthcare Organization (DHO). 

Members that enrolled in the Teeth by Tomorrow’s Dental Discount Care Program will get from 15% to 40% discount off their dental care each times they visit an enrolled dental care provider. Teeth by Tomorrow is a "Premier Dental Referral Service" for people in need of a quick solution to dental problems usually within 24/hours.

DentalFran Franchise - Model

Once, funded is received from an early stage investor and/or master franchisees. The franchise business system will be sold direct to franchise area developers and independent franchisees that are responsible for operating the franchise on a day-to-day basis. 

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