Virtual Video Web

It is time to “Reimagine the Internet” as the Virtual Video Web. Digital Video Webchannels with companion apps are the latest high-tech addition to the Internet. This virtual connecting process makes it possible to play videos on demand on smartphones and other wireless devises. The Digital Video Webchannel is an on-demand media broadcast outlet with a Multiview Video Webchannel front that can showcase 12-15 videos.

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Power of the Certified business Model

There are many stages in the process of building a modern business, starting with the concept and ending with the establishment of a viable management structure. Stage one begins with the development of a business model, which includes both the business and marketing plans. This combination allows the business owner to develop a unique niche market strategy that targets their primary customers. The cookie cutter franchise model made famous by the McDonald’s fast food chain is dying, because it is unable to adapt to the rapid changes in the fast-pace global marketplace. 

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The Super Entrepreneur

Rudy Lewis the author, was inspired to write this book after attending the 2011 Multi-Unit Franchise Conference in Las Vegas with more than 900 other attendees; many were what he now calls "Super-Entrepreneurs". Multi-Unit Franchisees who attended this conference already operate multiply franchise outlets such as; (130) Domino Pizzas, (85) Aarons Franchises, (90) Jiffylube, (11) Churches Chicken and the list goes on. 50% of all franchises sold in the United States today is through multi-unit franchising.

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Private Equity Market, for Early Stage startup

The Private Equity Market, for early stage startups, begin the embryonic stage of a new business idea and grow into a privately held business venture. The Private Equity Market for early stage startups is driven by a diverse group of early stage investors that use it to provide short term investment returns while the public stock exchanges provide long term investment opportunities suited for pension and mutual funds.

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